About Us

The primary areas of practice for the law firm include:

Criminal Defense

Attorney McDonough provides zealous and dedicated representation to those clients charged with crimes. This zealous representation commences at the first attorney-client meeting and, foremost, involves listening to the client about his/her view of the circumstances involving their arrest and the factual background as told from the client’s point of view.

After listening to the client, the various legal issues are discussed with the client including going over the charges together in order for the client to better understand the possible consequences of their arrest. Prior to the end of the first attorney-client meeting, the judicial process, by which the client’s case will proceed through the court system, is fully explained to the client.

Attorney McDonough has represented a substantial number of people charged with serious felony cases and limits his practice to state court in order to provide the highest standard of representation to those accused of crimes by the State of Connecticut. Every client’s case, from the less serious charges through the most serious charges, is given thorough attention; as Attorney McDonough believes that every client’s case should be as important to the attorney as it is to the client.

A thorough discussion of all aspects of the client’s case are discussed with the client including legal issues, investigative issues, strategy and the strength and weaknesses of both the state’s and the client’s cases. In addition, the client is informed, at the very first meeting, of the maximum penalties facing the client. Attorney McDonough insists that all of the client’s discussions must be based upon the client having a complete and thorough understanding of his/her case.


Attorney McDonough has successfully tried, to verdict, homicide and assault cases despite clients having provided confessions to the police. He has also handled cases involving criminal possession of weapons and fugitives from justice. Attorney McDonough has argued before both the Supreme and Appellate Courts of the State of Connecticut.

Real Estate Transactions

Attorney McDonough tries to take the stresses out of the process of this big endeavor. He reviews any contract and proposed agreements, reviews the title work, his office contacts the lenders and coordinates with the lender any mortgage documents to satisfy closing requirements, obtains payoff figures, prepares the closing documents and represents you at the closing. His office also obtains releases and prepares the final title work.


If it becomes necessary to file any suits or claims against a buyer, seller or agent, negotiating or drafting use and occupancy agreements or the resolution of any claimed defects relating to the physical condition of a property, the status of title, the survey or compliance with wetlands, zoning, building or housing regulations, Attorney McDonough provides these services too.

Civil Litigation

Attorney McDonough’s clients also directly benefit from his vast expertise in civil litigation. He will bring legal action which includes all of the proceedings to enforce a right, seek a remedy and bring it to closure. His experience allows him to prosecute or defend by pleadings, evidence and to settle or debate in court.


In regards to Personal Injury, Attorney McDonough will send timely notices of claim to the adverse parties and insurance carriers. The office will gather treatment bills, records and reports and if applicable, get a wage statement from the employer and doctor’s written verification of lost time being claimed.

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